Birds-eye view of truck hauling asphalt on fresh paved road

Hawkinson ConstructioN

Paving Professionals

Family-owned blacktop service providers since 1948


Birds-eye view of fresh pavement being steamrolled in residential driveway

Our Services

Residential Paving

Asphalt paved driveways (new or overlay) and parking pads.

Hawkinson Construction worker chatting with fellow employee holding stop sign outside of his truck

Our Services

Commercial Paving

Parking lots, paved pathways and athletic courts.

Steamroller flattening asphalt on country road

Our Services

Municipal Paving

Highways, streets, parking lots, paths and trails.

Caterpillar machine pushing dirt and aggregate

Our Services

Aggregate Sales

Modern technology for superior quality mixing.

Multiple employees examining freshly laid asphalt behind heavy machinery

Our Services

Asphalt Experts

Our advanced technology, certified on-site testing and experienced team of paving professionals ensure the highest standard of workmanship in the asphalt industry.

Front-end loader pouring aggregate into a funnel that leads to a conveyor belt

Our Products

Quality Aggregates

Our computerized asphalt plants ensure superior quality aggregate mixing, backed by a team of experienced quality control professionals.

Our Company

Employee raking fresh asphalt


Dedicated to our Community

Family-owned since 1948, Hawkinson Construction is a community as much as a company. Dedicated to stellar service and the highest standard of workmanship in the asphalt industry, we’re a proud team of people whose individual strengths are the bedrock of our work. 

Fleet of Hawkinson Construction paving vehicles


Here to Stay

Each and every member of the Hawkinson team has a love for our community. It is why we’ve moved here and stayed here. We’ve found that when you hire people with high integrity and take care of them, they stay with you and pay it forward to take care of their community.

Multiple employees examining freshly laid asphalt behind heavy machinery


The Best in the Industry

Hawkinson Construction people are not satisfied with simply being “good”. Being among the “best” in the industry is important to us. On every job and at all levels of the company, our employees are expected to conduct their activities with uncompromising honesty and integrity.